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I read the news today oh boy

WWM Episode 5: One Step Beyond

Late Devonian, Frasnian stage
Estonia/Latvia, Plavinas Formation

A'ight folks here's episode 5 of Walking With Munsters. This one's about vertebrates developing near-legs! Our star panderichthys is a young folk who finds herself getting on land quite a lot of times! Also there's a lot of mud involved just so you know. 

Laccognathus panderi: A two metre long benthic ambush predator, the Laccognathus poses quite the threat to our main gal. Being twice as long as the pelagic predators, they are the strongest fish in this episode.

Ptyctodus sp.: A shellfish crushing placoderm, this animal doesn't have much appearances in this episode. They mostly stay close to the clam fields and have group banquets whenever they feel like it. 

Asterolepis radiata: Antiarchs! Backward asses! These things move in huge schools and migrate very frequently. Being detritus feeders they usually move in the bottom of the estuary. That obviously results in being ambushed by Laccognathuses. A lot. 

Plourdosteus mironovi(?= Plourodsteus trautscholdi): An arthrodire, just like last episode's Buchanosteus and Exutaspis. Now I wanted to use the biggest species P. trautscholdi, but it's a species from a younger formation. The older P. mironovi, has a possibility of being synonymous with P. trautscholdi. That way I could make it a lil' bit bigger. :P

Acanthodiformes indet.: Now the Plavinas formation has its fair share of acanthodians. They're very fragmentary though. I couldn't find any decent reconstructions for any of them. Thus, an intermediate acanthodian! Huzzah, more freedom in reconstruction! It's a mix of both Homalacanthus and Acanthodes. These guys hide under seaweed and do nothing.

Panderichthys rhombolepis: Our main species! About a meter long, these folks can crawl very slowly on land for a short amount of time. Our main character finds herself on land whenever she gets chased by predators or plans an ambush attack on some land arthropod. 

Griphognathus minutidens: Mostly a background creature. Griphognathuses are dipnoans, closely related to modern day lungfishes. Nuff said

Psammosteus megalopteryx: Among the last of the armored agnathans, this animal hides in the muddy benthos gubbing up detritus. These armored agnathans would be extinct by the Frasnian-Fammenian extinction.

Moythomasia perforata: Early actinopterygians are smol! These small fish are mostly not-prey. What are not-prey? They're basically prey except they never get caught! Gottagofast! 

Eusthenopteron foordi: Another background fish, at least this species has more appearance, albeit those appearances being getting eaten. This supposed "tetrapod ancestor" isn't really a tetrapod ancestor. 

uuh yeah next episode is also another devonian episode stay tuned
WWM Episode 4: Live Another Day
Early Devonian (Pragian) 
Xujiachong Assemblage, China

 Yeah folks, I'm back with a totally unexpected setting. Because hey, devonian China is cool! It's got galeaspids, galeaspids, galeaspids, galeaspids, and a whole lotta other things like galeaspids. Oh, and did I mention galeaspids???? I would seriously like to thank avancna for his drawings of most of the animals on this episode. Like, holy hell are they obscure. 

 This episode is centered around our boi Rhegmaspis and his high-speed journey through love, sadness, violence and other philosophical bullshit. He's quite the busy folk here. Once he falls in love, then he fights with other galeaspids, then he gets chased around by predators, then he flirts a bit, then he gets chased around again, o boi! That dude's busy! 

Buchanosteus guangxiensis: An arthrodire about 40 centimeters long, this animal is an average predator. With its strong jaws it can chew through the tough armor of galeaspids. It's the most frequently appearing predator in this episode.

Eugaleaspis xujiachongensis: A bottom dwelling galeaspid. It never ever ever leaves the sea floor unless it's being attacked by some Buchanosteus. Appears mostly as background species unless being attacked. Boop.

Rhegmaspis xiphoidea: The star of the show, it's a fast moving galeaspid. Gotta go fast folks! Rhegmaspises usually move in high speed only slowing down to feast on tasty detritus. Usually they move freely on their own, but sometimes they gather up to avoid danger. In one scene they are seen mobbing a Buchanosteus. They can get quite territorial, using their long.....thingies to fend off foes. The main use of the long hard stuff is not known, so it's going to be portrayed doing a lot of weird things with it. 

Neopetalichthys yenmenpaensis: A benthic predator, it ambushes a bunch of galeaspids including the aforementioned Eugaleaspis. While what kind of things the petalichthids ambushed is not sure, it is shown as a carnivore feeding of other fish in this show. 

Youngolepis praecursor: About 50 centimetres long, it is the top predator of this episode. While it hails from the earlier(Lochkovian) Xitun, the Xujiachong didn't have any well known top predator material so I just put it here. Being a porolepiform it preys on anything. 'Nuff said.

Pterogonaspis yuhaii: HoLy ShIt is this weird. With three giant horns protruding from its head, Pterogonaspis is a very territorial bottom dweller. Look at those giant horns, like man are they horny. 

Tungsenia paradoxa: A very very very primitive tetrapodomorph, this lil' guy's a sign of things to come. OKAY NEXT

Machaeracanthus bohemicus: An acanthodian! Huzzah! Moving in large schools, these fellas prey on really small things. They team up with the Rhegmaspis clan to mob some Buchanosteus until something bigger comes to play...

Sanchaspis megalorostrata: Oooh look, Devonian Shovel Knight! As you might've guessed it uses its shovel to dig up shtuff. A whole bunch of 'em show up when our main Rhegmaspis comes down to hide under seaweed. Look out Rhegmaspis, a whole bunch of Sanchaspises are trying to bury you alive! Lol JK JK they're too stupid to do that

Exutaspis megista: I violated a whole bunch of rules to get this thing here. First of all this dude's from the late Emsian, so it's a whole lot younger than the rest of the cast. Secondly it's from a lagoonal environment. It isn't even a marine fish. But, buuuuut I really had to include this guy. This thing's more than a meter long, pretty much twice the size of the apex predator of this episode. I REALLY wanted big fish here since every other fish fit quite well in your hands and that contrasts TOO much from the previous episodes. Anyway this guy only appears in the last moment when a bunch of small fish succeed in mobbing a Buchanosteus. The Buchanosteus gets owned, then this guy shows up and kills some fish and the mob just disbands. 

Okay that's about it folks next is good ol' fish coming out of water
Yeah I'm doing it -
There are a gajillion WWDs and two WWBs but there's only one WWM remake here - it makes me saaaaaaddddd

so here are a bunch of hints at what it'll be like

-Black and white. No colouring. Or maybe not depending on my mood
-10 episodes with 10 animals each. Sponges, corals, and plants don't count
-Half the settings are very obvious. the other half aren't really.
-3 episodes for each the devonian and permian, 'cause why not.
-Awful load of agnathans. Very different from RickRaptor's which only has two.
-Yes, Dunkleosteus will be there, and it will be in in the right place.
-Only four settings will overlap with RickRaptor's.
-None of the episodes will be set in the Mesozoic. 

mkay that's it


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Jung Rae Kim
South Korea


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